My love of photography began in 1972 while studying in Germany. While my original intent was to simply record where I’d been, I quickly found photography to be a way for me to deepen my awareness of people, places and life's experiences. I don’t limit myself to a single subject matter or style; I remain open to any situation that resonates with me sensually, spiritually and aesthetically. I hope my images speak to you.

My love of music began as a child singing in my church choir. That gave way to other pursuits until college, where I fell in love with the music of Gordon Lightfoot, Andrés Segovia and Christopher Parkening. I decided to focus on classical guitar; its evocative sound remains irresistible to this day. In 2015, I recorded my first CD 'Classical Guitar.' As Andrés Segovia so beautifully wrote: "The beauty of the guitar resides in its soft, persuasive voice, and its poetry cannot be equaled by any other instrument.”

- Mark